In celebration of St Davids Day – why we love the beating heart of Wales!

This weekend, we’re looking forward to celebrating the most important day in the Welsh calendar, St Davids Day. So, in honour of our Patron Saint, we’re taking a quick look at a few reasons we absolutely love being here in the beating heart of Wales!

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The wildlife. We’re home to a huge variety of fascinating wildlife, from extremely rare red squirrels to dung beetles. It’s no surprise really, when you consider that we encompass fifteen priority habitats (all of which are included in the UK Biodiversity plan) and six separate nature reserves.
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DSC_0281The biking. This is one of the best spots in the UK for cycling and mountain biking! Easily accessible from most central and southern areas of the British Isles, it’s easy to get to, yet remains one of the most wild and hidden landscapes around. We’ve got the National Cycle Museum, the mighty Trans-Cambrian Way and the Tour of Britain runs through here each year.
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The walking. We’re not bad for walking, either – even experts Rough Guides happen to agree with us here. Take a moment to watch the excellent video (above) explaining exactly what we’ve got to offer – from the Cambrian Mountains Walking Weekend, held in May, to the wonderfully quirky Real Ale Ramble
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The quirky events. We’re home to probably the best alternative event in the whole of the UK (and it takes place in the UK’s smallest town!) That’s right, if you’re sick of the same old boring Olympic events and wanted to know how the athletes might fare if they were asked to compete in events like the Gravy Wrestling Championships and Man vs Horse race, then the World Alternative Games is for you! Other events include Worm Charming, Wife Carrying Championships and Bog Snorkelling!
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The history. We love celebrating our heritage, particularly when it comes to historically one of our most important industries – wool. Our very own National Wool Museum is free to visit, very nearly burned down and once even required urine in the process of creating fabric. To find out what else you didn’t know about one of our most important attractions.
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