World Alternative Games 2014: Week 2

So the first week of the World Alternative Games has already come to an end, and so many fantastically unique events have been and gone. That said, there’s still a load more fun to be had in the coming week, so here’s our guide to Week 2 of the World Alternative Games 2014!
Saturday the 16th August
Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.16.04Hay bale throwing – This is one event that does exactly what it says on the tin. The aim is to successfully pitch your hay bale at a certain height, with the bale having to hit an erected bell for the toss to be considered valid. Don’t even think of bringing your own pitchfork – all contestants are given a pre-selected fork when taking their turn.
Woolsack carrying – The Llanwrtyd County Show will also act as host for the woolsack carrying competition, in which competitors lug a woolsack (weighing around 60lb for men and 35lb for women) around a 240-yeard course in the shortest time possible. Apparently, the event originated in the 17th century, when young Drovers carried heavy woolsacks to impress young women.
Sunday the 17th August
Husband Dragging – Chances are you’ve heard of the Wife Carrying competition that takes place each year, but this new event aims to reset the gender balance! It involves the wife running over a slippery surface to a makeshift bar where their husbands are drinking. They then drag their man along the ground before making him complete household duties, after which he returns to the bar.
Monday the 18th August
Ping Pongo – A brand spanking new event for the World Alternative Games, and one which originated in Argentina. A variation on table tennis, ping pongo introduces mental and/or material obstacles into the mix. Additional objects are chosen before the game, and can include bottles, sandals, glasses, spoons with grains of rice etc – games have even been played with a table covered in salt…
Tuesday the 19th August
Horseshoe throwing – Perhaps the oldest game in the entire programme, given that ancient Greeks were known to play a variant of this many years ago. The Welsh Quoiting Board organise a number of games within Powys and Dyfed and the indoor game will be played here at the games. Horseshoe Quoits is played on a bed of clay where a hob (stakes) are the target for horse shoes thrown over a distance of 11 yards.
Wednesday the 20th August
Golf Cross – This is essentially golf with goals instead of holes and it is played with an oval golf cross ball instead of a round one. The rules are the same as golf (with the same clubs) but the target is now suspended in mid-air and every shot is pretty much going where you want it to…
Thursday the 21st August
Gravy wrestling – For anyone who’s ever decided that they love gravy to such an extent that they’d be willing to wrestling another human being in a pool of the stuff. Contestants must wrestle in bouts of two minutes in the gravy. They are scored by audience applause and on their various different movements. Fancy dress is very much encouraged, and might well help you score a victory.
Toe wrestling – Another first for the World Alternative Games; players lock big toes to try to force their opponent’s digit to the floor over a number of rounds. Believe it or not, the World Toe Wrestling Championships are held every year in Fenny Bentley and have been for the past 38 years!
Friday the 22nd August
Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 10.16.55Mad shopper – You may well have breezed the queues in Primark, but this is a real shopping challenge! You’ll have to don high heels, carry a selection of oddly shaped consumables and push a pram containing a life size child in it around a course without tipping them out. Not so easy! Again, fancy dress is very much encouraged and will help you raise money for one of the event’s sponsored charities.
Sack fighting – A slight variant on the playful pillow fights that we all enjoyed as children. Only this time you’re sat astride a slippery pole and will be crowned the victor if you score two of three knock offs. At the moment, you fall off onto a padded bed, but plans are in motion to switch that for water…