Week one of the World Alternative Games 2014!

Whether you’re a keen finger jouster, an award-winning snail racer or a worm charming extraordinaire, the waiting is very nearly over. The UK’s quirkiest games are officially kicking off this weekend, so here’s a run down of some of the amazing events you’ll get to watch/compete in this coming week…
Saturday the 9th August
am9Penny Farthing Race – The event involves the penny farthings racing from one end of town to the other and back again at great speeds, and it really is a spectacular sight as they career through Llanwrtyd. Make sure you are around so you don’t miss the race and if you are feeling adventurous, why not start practising now so that you can race yourself!
Sunday the 10th August
Worm Charming – Believe it or not, the Worm Charming Championships have taken place since 1980 and boast a World Record of 567 worms collected from a 3m square in 30 minutes! The event is governed by the International Federation of Charming Worms and Allied Pastimes (yes, it’s a real thing!) and all worms are released safely back into the wild.
Finger jousting – A sport where two consenting players square off in an attempt to prod their opponent with their lancing (right) index finger before the opposing player can. The competitors must keep their right hands locked in an arm wrestling fashion and not use their legs or latent (left) arm in an offensive manner.
Monday the 11th August
Rock, Paper, Scissors – And there you were thinking that a World Cup penalty shootout was tense! That game we all used to love at school just got super competitive and there’s a good deal of bluffing involved, too. This is definitely a spectator sport with some guaranteed nail-biting moments.
Tuesday the 12th August
Snail racing – Undoubtedly one of the slower-paced events this year and one that kids will love to watch, the event involves encouraging giant snails to race down a short course by providing tit bits of food after the finishing line. It’s a bit like horse-racing, only with a lot more time for enjoyment of local ales while you watch.
Wednesday the 13th August
Golf Cross – This is basically golf with goals instead of holes and it is played with an oval golf cross ball instead of a round one. The rules are the same as golf (with the same clubs) but the target is now suspended in mid-air and every shot is pretty much going where you want it to…
Thursday the 14th August
Belly Flopping – Contestants stand on the edge of a mud pool, put their heads in the air and jump like gymnasts in to the mud whilst trying to create the largest splash. A panel of judges decide on the winners. Essentially a celebration of everything you were explicitly told NOT to do at the pool as a child.
Friday the 15th August
Barrel Rolling – The race consists of four competitors pushing a firkin of beer around a loop course with the winner progressing to the next round. And if that weren’t interesting enough, fancy dress is very much recommended. There will be junior, senior and ladies-only sections to compete in.