Karen Perkins chats about the World Alternative Games

The World Alternative Games 2014 is creeping ever closer, so with this in mind we got in touch with event secretary Karen Perkins for a bit more of an insight into the history of the World Alternative Games and what we can expect from this year’s event…

World Alternative Games

World Alternative Games

So Karen, how and when did it all begin?
It all started with Wales being unsuccessful in attracting many of the Olympic events back in 2012. A group of us came up with the idea that if the largest city in UK could host their Olympic Games then so could we in Llanwrtyd – the smallest town in Great Britain, and that ours would be wackier, more fun and really quirky!

And how has the event grown over the years?
The very first games back in 2012 built on the success of events that were actually already taking place in Llanwrtyd, and which had been established by Gordon Green M.B.E., the Founder of Green Events, We decided to form our own committee and set up our own company (limited by £1 guarantee) to become the umbrella for all of the events and to bring much needed tourism into Llanwrtyd Wells, Mid Wales and Wales as a whole.  We’re delighted to have raised much interest for the event, which has benefited the Welsh economy.

How many people (estimate) does the event attract these days?
The first time around we had a total of 7,168 competitors and spectators. This year our target is around 10,000.

World Alternative Games

World Alternative Games

Are there any brand new events for 2014?
Yes. There are 25 new events in total, including the World Human Underwater Bog Dredging Championship, Husband Dragging, Belly Flopping, Soap Box Derby, plus new cycling events and so on.

Can you tell us a little more about the special kids’ events?
here will be two children’s events this year, one being for the smaller children which will involve many quirky games. We are still deciding on the schedule of this day but the older children will be attending Manor Adventure where there will be several activities such as archery, climbing etc to keep all children highly entertained.

Which is the most popular event?
Probably the world famous Bog Snorkelling which, of course, Mike Bushell has just put back on world center stage (by attempting a new world record on BBC Breakfast – see our article). All of the events have their own target audience; gravy wrestling, Russian roulette, barrel rolling, ditch racing etc.

Finally, do you have a favorite event and why?
ravy wrestling! I got a silver medal last time and will be striving for the gold this year!

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