Brandy House Farm Wins Best Breakfast in Wales!

Local Food Talks:  The Radnor Farm Group promoting Farmhouse Breakfast Week.Porridge with a bit of honey, syrup, sometimes even cream (like Dad does it) or  blueberries for a twist? Crispy bacon nestled between two chunks of bread; granary or white, we don’t care as long as there’s ketchup. Sickly sweet cereals, drowning those little shapes with ice cold milk? Or for those serious breakfast fanatics : hash browns, thick sausages, beans, eggs (the way you like them) and beans, the whole shebang.

Everyone has their own favourite breakfast of choice and as last week was Farmhouse Breakfast Week it’s time to wake up and smell the bacon – breakfast is bigger than ever!

After months of searching and thousands of votes; the best places to eat breakfast across the country have been revealed by the Best Breakfast Awards and Brandy House Farm won the Best Breakfast in Wales for ‘Richard’s Cooked Breakfast’!

The Best Breakfast Awards highlight the range and quality of breakfasts being served by UK eateries. The Best Breakfast Awards were open to food venues of all types, from cafes through to pubs, restaurants, hotels, food vans and B&B’s, with category options of hot, cold and most innovative breakfast. Venues could enter one dish per category and winners were decided by a public vote.

Well done Brandy House Farm!