5 Ways to Avoid Blue Monday in the Cambrian Mountains

Blue Monday is well-known as the most depressing day of the year but here are some ways that you can avoid the dip whilst spending some time in the Cambrian Mountains.

Escape with Cambrian Safaris ©

Escape with Cambrian Safaris ©

5. Join Red Dragon Bushcraft teaching you primitive skills. Hopefully save you when you are lost in the wilderness.

4. Escape in the Elan Valley. Here you can fulfill your other halves constant suggestions to take a hike or have a tour with Cambrian Safaris.

3. Comfort eat your way through the day at Bistro Hafren. If food helps you get through it then they are behind you all the way, maybe even order your own buffet!

2. Sleep through it all at Barn View Cottages. Hopefully your dreams are better. 

1. Prepare for a bike ride at a Red Kite Event. See if that competitive edge shrugs that depression.