Five Reasons Why a Holiday in the Cambrian Mountains is a Must in 2014!

2014 is the year to holiday in the Cambrian Mountains. There are few places in the UK that is so accessible and easy to get to yet offers something so different.  Visitors can expect to experience a wonderful feeling of isolation and freedom, if they want to or get involved with the local activities such as the quirky green events or bike rides around some of Wales’ most iconic sights.

So here’s FIVE GREAT reasons why you should head on holiday in the Cambrian Mountains in 2014!

Exterior Shot night5. The most unique hotel garden in the UK!
Stay in Y Talbot Hotel where an elephant is buried in it’s garden. We’re quite sure this will be a first for 99.9% of customers. Not only do visitors get to experience this unique garden, they’ll also get to experience a traditional Welsh hotel and inn that has stuck to the same unique principals and traditions for over 150 years. The hotel’s food is some of the finest in Wales with the chef having previously worked at the Ritz, Piccadilly.

Twm in hills 4.  Discover the REAL Robin Hood
Britain’s genuine non-mythical Robin Hood who was pardoned by Elizabeth the 1st roamed around the Cambrian Mountains. There are no other places in the UK where you can get such a real ‘Robin Hood’ experience.

Spend a day with Twm’s Treks following the trails of with ‘Twm Sion Cati’ once roamed. Visitors will get to explore the byways, see Twm’s ancient view points of the roads and hear some interesting stories about this famous outlaw’s shenanigans.

Garreg-ddu dam in autumn Elan Valley Powys Mid Scenery3. Wales’ answer to the Lake District…

The Elan Valley is an area of the Cambrian Mountains where some of the finest examples of Victorian engineering took place. Situated in remote, green valleys, the dams are truly impressive features for the area and Wales on a whole. The gothic designs of the dams and the setting make it a very unique place to visit. Each season the Elan Valley looks different whether it’s the red leaves of autumn reflecting beautifully onto the waters surface or a sunny day where the lush vegetation makes the area look like the Welsh equivalent to the gardens of Babylon.

With seven dams in all, there are some wonderful walks and bikes rides to go on.
Rent a bike from the cycling legend who was one of the early pioneers of mountain biking Clive Powell.

A great place to stay: Lon Lodges

Discovering the Wild Tranquility2.  Wild, outstanding nature, 170 species of birds…
The Cambrian Mountains is often known as “Kite Country”. When the red kite was reintroduced back into the wild in the late 1980s, few people would have expected the birds to thrive like they have in Mid Wales.

We’d recommend taking a tour with Cambrian Safaris to see the very best of Britain’s wildlife and nature.



World Championships Bog Snorkelling Llanwrtyd Wells©Crown Copyright (VisitWales)

World Championships Bog Snorkelling Llanwrtyd Wells©Crown Copyright (VisitWales)

1. Britain’s funnest and most iconic events all year round take part near Britain’s smallest town

A Man vs Horse Marathon, Bog Snorkelling, real ale wobbles, the World Mountain Bike Chariot Racing Championships, Welsh Open Stone-skimming Championship are just some of the funnest events to watch.

Throughout the year crowds flock to the Cambrian Mountains to watch, participate and have fun. The events really are unique experiences to watch and should be on everyones bucket list!