Top wildlife to spot in the Cambrian Mountains

The Cambrian Mountains is a great place to come and spot a variety of wildlife species, from extremely rare red squirrels to dung beetles! The region is home to a total of fifteen priority habitats (all of which are included in the UK Biodiversity plan) and six separate nature reserves. 100 species of breeding bird have been recorded, as well as 35 mammals, 30 butterflies, 20 dragons and damselflies.

Here are five of our favourites:

Walking Cambrian Mountains near Machynlleth By Visit Wales ©

Walking Cambrian Mountains near Machynlleth By Visit Wales ©

1. The Red Squirrel
The red squirrels found in the Tywi Valley in the Cambrian Mountains are among the purest left in Britain, thanks to a unique genetic code.

2. Buzzards
Bird lovers should head to Cors Caron Nature Reserve, where there are 170 species of wild birds to spot.

3. Red Kite 
The Cambrian Mountains could actually be considered as the saviour of the Red Kite.  It was the last refuge of the Red Kite in the British Isles in the 1930’s when there was just a single breeding female. Thanks to local volunteers!

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 4. Black grouse
This distinctive large game bird is yet another favourite with bird watchers that can be spotted in the wilds of the Cambrian Mountains.

5. Otters
Otters can be spotted occasionally throughout the year. They have been spotted around River Elan just before the river Wye and not far from the Elan Valley Reservoirs.

Oh and….

…there are 15 different types of dung beetle in the Cambrian Mountains. We challenge you to try and spot them all!

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